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"Nuke 'em from orbit; It's the only way to be sure. . . ."

I read this titular quote in a document online, and had to laugh; not because it's funny — well, it is, as if said by a fictional "hyper-manic" starship officer orbiting a terror-laden world, but that's not the point — but because we've all known those types of people who deserve a little justice, and perhaps even know one or two people with the wherewithal to call the Wrath of God on those who Just Don't Get It. (I've been one of the former, as well as the latter.)

Where the quote originally came from, I'm unsure. I only know that fellow writer John Ringo used it, in an article in which he tells of his experiences while on a panel at a writers' convention (RavenCon 2006, just shy of 2 years ago, but I only just found the story). Only those who do not offend easily need read that article, due to subject matter; he manages to make what I believe to be a very fine point four-fifths of the way through the pdf, but I'm not going to spoil it here. A word of caution, for those still interested in reading it: he is, in his writing, somewhat blunt and vulgar in relating his psychological and verbal warfare with panelists that were against him. On the plus side, it's worth it, if only for the subtle battlefield metaphors in the broken narrative. (Had I been there, I would've supplied reinforcement from the figurative fo'c's'le. Although, never having been to a con before, those experiences have warned me off them.)

In any case, Message Received, John. Understood, loud and clear, even two years later.

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John Ringo said...

it's from Aliens. Ripley wants to nuke the site from orbit, 'It's the only way to be sure.'