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[2007-11-20] A (Belated) New Poll and Post.

Yeah, yeah, it's been longer than I wanted it to be since the last poll and post. Belated apologies; life and other matters get in the way sometimes. (My grandmother, my last remaining grandparent, has an advanced brain tumor that is taking over.)

I think the new poll at the bottom may, in particular, be of interest to people who roleplay, especially in the endeavor of science fictional settings that includes multiple levels of detail in the universe. While science-fictional RPG settings for Alternity, Traveller, GURPS Space, or others exist, they tend to keep matters to within a few contiguous, small sectors of space to travel within. This poll is my attempt to find out exactly how far do you want to go today? (Speaking in roleplaying distances, that is.)

As a side note, I have tried the demo of AstroSynthesis 2, a commercial software program that does much to manage certain aspects of creating a custom roleplaying universe. But, I did notice that in creating a sufficiently vast roleplaying universe, more than a couple dozen light-years in its dimensions, it bogs down the system in computation cycles (even with a current processor). And, as I've mentioned before, I've got plans for creating a set of location modules, on up to universal level (and beyond, if so desired) that handles organizing the fictional universe in a completely new fashion that should be more responsive that AstroSynthesis was.

Therefore, I am open to hearing from you. Vote in this simple poll, or email me, whatever is your choice. My GMail address, gregory.cheyney, is waiting for some bits to munch on. (Don't fret if I don't respond immediately; that "stuff happens" is sometimes more immediate a concern than answering all email, but I will get to it soon.)

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