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[2007-12-28] New (Old) Polls.

Earlier this morning I checked back with my blog, and upon seeing both polls had expired, I first chided myself for not being more on the ball with matters. Then, I dug in and replaced both polls.

Now, it might seem unfair for me to have started over with the first and second polls, respectively, but I have a feeling that this coming year is going to be full of new happenings, new details to post, so a little repetition for the present shouldn't really hurt anyway.

C'est la vie.

On a sad note, my last living grandmother did pass away earlier this month. She will be missed; however, my beliefs are such that I am awaiting a resurrection, to reunite with her on a paradise Earth. In the meantime, I have many years of positive memories to draw upon.

In the past, I've been unsure of how much personal detail to post about my personal life, what with my hoping to make this blog primarily about software (mine and otherwise), writing, and roleplaying. But circumstances being what they are, I have a growing need to reconnect -- with family and friends I haven't seen in a while, with people who share my circumstances and interests, and with the better parts of the world in general.

In the near future I'll be posting a few details about the more public aspects of my life; so, for example, if my cousins really wanted to stay in touch (as they say they do), they can check this blog occasionally.


Quintrino said...

Hi, not sure if you're still using this blog but i thought it couldn't hurt to point out what a good mechanism the wiki idea is for data organization, either online if you want your data available to fans or fellow contributors or offline though the use of products such as wikipads. Have you tried this before? or does anyone have thoughts on problems this could cause?

GregoryTechSoft said...

Thanks for the feedback, quintrino. Yes, I am still planning on posting to this blog - however, life kinda comes at you, and some things slide that were promised. I haven't really done so much with wikis; I'll have to look at it first before deciding. I do know that my project's space on SourceForge does also allow for a wiki, but I haven't gotten anything going with it yet. For now, only time will tell.