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Um, I realize I haven't posted in a while, but....

I'm rather befuddled at some of the sources of traffic to this blog. Now, I realize I haven't done much of anything with this blog in a while, but is it suddenly a "thing" for odd niche-market porn sites to be the previous site before coming here? (No, get your mind outta the gutter, and ... ewww!) I've no desire for traffic to come from such sites; I'd rather get a more thinking crowd to communicate with.

But really, why is it that every time I turn around that pornographic matter is suddenly being pushed my way? I don't need it; I don't know anyone who really "needs" it. Is there some kind of stealth tagging going on, and if so, why am I getting this junk? I realize I'm a single thrity-nine year old male with healthy emotional and intellectual drives, but ... the extent of porn out there is just ... "out there". Bizarre. And not even pretty.

How can I stop people from visiting this blog after visiting pornographic sites? I assume this is impossible, because of the way the Internet is built. Someone mentioned I should just change my profile to say I'm in a relationship, even if I'm not, but I'm not the type to lie like that, even just a little white lie of convenience.

To be honest, I'd rather be getting traffic from people who share a literary interest; someone to talk about reading and writing a large story series in general, and perhaps even  in a unique science-fiction universe in specific. I know, I already have a Facebook page for my writing stuff, but I also know some people no longer use Facebook, or who already follow blogs through the Blogger platform, but I've left this open in case I felt like posting here

So. Here's what I'm gonna do. I will give it two weeks, during which time I shall strive to post at least once every two days, some kind of posting related to writing or my story series. Not that I will be perfectly on schedule, but I will try.

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