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Lately I’ve really been giving some serious thought to creating my own Java 2D game development tutorial series on YouTube, more specifically related to making a roleplaying game engine, and even further related to a more “advanced” level of things.

I’ve seen dozens of individual series, hundreds or perhaps even thousands of individual game-development videos, and I’ve even recently been commenting on a few of those said videos. I don’t want to complain, but many if not most of these series have been leaving things at a very basic level, when I know for a fact a lot of commenters are asking for help with more advanced topics and aspects of development. Well, why don’t I try to fill some of the void?

Also, my intent for the last few years was to work on something larger than the small-time projects that I have been tinkering with, all along. It is at this point in my development life that I believe I have all the required technical skills for following through on this.

Time and time again I have made reference to the old “RPG Maker” system – comprised of an engine, an editor, and a common platform of data files – which anyone can use to build a game. More specifically, the idea that I can and should begin making an open-sourced version of this (call it a clone if you wish, but I intend for it to be much, much more) but in Java. I had even begun a blog/journal in which I had a few blog posts; I had also created some repositories on GitHub with a handful of repositories.

But now I am thinking  that I should also try my hand at narrating the development of said projects. I am beginning anew and working through a modular development process in programming my own editor, engine, platform, and any other collection of Java libraries which are required for a completed rpg maker software to work.

So. I understand the process of creating a Java game engine and the classes associated with such; I have been working in Java since well before the turn of the century, I have watched an almost-endless supply of game-dev tutorial videos, and I have now started creating my own organized list of topics for the order and style of topics to be covered in my game. I’ve asked a few people on their experiences with streaming or recording to YouTube, and I think I have a decent picture of my options.

Yes, my tutorial series will begin with the basics of a game engine, the main game loop, game state management, and also the modular aspects of a game engine, but I plan to follow through on developing the editor as well, something which rivals the old static RPG Maker editor. Further, because everything in the RM series up to and including VX Ace allowed no extension to the editor, I am planning on showing how a Java SPI implementation can be done that allows third-party developers to extend both the engine and editor, allowing for more rounded system development.

All things are almost ready to begin my recording sessions and uploading to my YouTube channel; just a few points need to be finalized first.

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